Neuropsychiatry has generally been regarded as a hybrid discipline that lies in the borderland between the disciplines of psychiatry and neurology. There is much debate on its current and future identity and status as a discipline.It’s becoming clear that the old boundaries between neurology and psychiatry are artificial and often unhelpful.

Neuroscience discoveries in the next few decades, along with the need for conceptual integrity, will bring these two disciplines closer and patient groups are likely to push for it too. This is an intellectually stimulating and challenging field, which will develop fast possibly faster than many other medical disciplines.

We are currently witnessing a renaissance in neuropsychiatry. Taking a historical perspective, the future of neuropsychiatry is placed within the context of recent developments in clinical neuroscience.This Focus includes the latest research on neurological and psychiatric diseases such as schizophrenia, psychotic depression, autism, epilepsy, and a variety of cognitive disorders.

Journal of Neuropsychiatry strongly supports the scientific renovation and reinforcement in Medical and Clinical research community by amplifying access to peer reviewed scientific literary works promoting awareness, knowledge sharing, collaborative and promotion of interdisciplinary science.

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